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Drop Zone

During the summer of 2015, I decided to create a series of 'drops'. The drop is an essential part of breaking and is often overlooked. It's the bridge between top rock and ground moves.

You should have as many different drops as possible with different rhythms so you won't be stuck running the same move all of the time. Without a good drop, you'll lose the rhythm of the dance when you transition to the ground from your tops.

High Chair Drop

One of my favorite freezes is the chair. A good friend and Bboy from Seattle named Icey Elf came up with the concept in the mid 80s and we worked on this move together. I later added into my stockpile of drops. Whenever I rock this, it's to give props to Icey Elf. Rest In Peace Icey Elf.

Location: Safeco Field (home of the Seattle Mariners)

Headglide Chair Drop

Another drop which consists of two of my favorites moves as well. The Headglide and Chair, put the two together and get this.

Location: Seattle Symphony

Rock Steady Bridge Drop

This is inspired by the famous bridge freeze done by Crazy Legs the president of Rock Steady Crew. It is also RSC's Logo, always rep your crew.

Location: Adidas Employee Store

No Handed Zulu Spin Drop

Zulu Spins are a part of the Bboy foundations, a move that was mostly popularized by the late great Frosty Freeze in the movies Flashdance, Wild Style and Style Wars. He was a member of Rock Steady Crew and very close friend, I miss you Frosty RIP.

Location: Chinatown/International District Seattle

Back Spindown Kaboom Drop

This is a drop I would consider a blow up drop. Reverse one foot grab spin landing in a sitting chair freeze. When done correctly to the music the ending has that exclamation point hit.

Location: Space Needle

Front Sweep Spindown Drop

The front sweep drop is and original Breaking go down. I added an one foot axle spin and try to get as horizontal as possible.

Location: Gasworks Park Seattle

Jackknife Freeze Drop

I came up with the Jackknife Freeze in the early 90s. I always wanted to do something similar to an air chair but never quite got this move without using my head or foot. I never had a name for his freeze until I became a member of the first hip hop theater show Jam On The Groove. In the piece called Portrait Of A Freeze we had to name a freeze we made up. I couldn't think of anything and the world famous Bboy Ken Swift said looks like a jackknife. Thanks Ken Swift you've always been a huge inspiration.

Location: Gasworks Park Seattle

Sweep Step Over Spin Drop

Front Sweep with a half spin, I then do a leg switch step over spin down. It creates a double spin drop, a two for one y'all.

Location: Jimi Hendrix Statue Broadway Seattle

Hat Trick Drop

Top swipe is a powerful transition from Toprock so why not add to the power by throwing your hat between your legs. Not so easy on concrete but this is breaking in It's truest form.

Location: University of Washington Husky Stadium

Jump Back Chair Drop

Another move inspired by the chair freeze, similar to the Jackknife Freeze I have this small air chair moment. Again, this move was created by me in the early 90s before I've ever seen anyone do an airchair.

Location: Black Hole Sun Sculpture Volunteer Park Seattle

Fake Top Swipe Drop

Some of the movements I've added to my Gunsblazin style of breaking consist of fakes and stalls. Here an example of a fake Top Swipe into a switch direction one leg point freeze. Threw in a little Signature Gunzblazin slide back freeze for extra measure.

Location: Red Square University of Washington

Sleep Drop

This Drop was taught to me by a Breaking legend and first generation Bboy Trac2. Back in the 70s when moves were a lot more about telling a story or character. I added a Colt45 AKA knee drop to the mix for a little extra flavor.

Location: Musical Fountain Seattle Center

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